Food and Environmental Microbiology

Ensuring microbiological food safety is an essential requirement for any food manufacturer. Our microbiology laboratory team has extensive knowledge of analysing food and environmental samples using a wide range of microbiological techniques.

Another important consideration for food manufacturers is the impact of spoilage organisms on their products. Precision Analysis (North West) Ltd also offers a wide range of tests to determine levels of spoilage and shelf life of products.

Some of the tests offered are,

Salmonella spp,

Listeria spp including Listeria monocytogenes,

Bacillus cereus,

Coagulase positive Staphylococci including Staphylococcus aureus,

Clostridium perfringens,

Total aerobic colony count,

Escherichia coli,



Lactic acid bacteria,

Yeast and mould,


Water Microbiology

The environments in which we work, live and socialise can contain hidden health risks. It is therefore extremely important to identify potential risks and monitor them regularly. Our water microbiology laboratory has an extensive knowledge of analysing waters from, for example, cooling towers, closed water systems, swimming pools, hydrotherapy pools, surface / irrigation water and drinking water.

Some of the tests offered are, 

Legionella spp,

Total aerobic colony count at 37oC and 22oC,

Coliform spp,

Escherichia coli,

Pseudomonas aeruginosa, 

Pseudomonas spp,

Sulphite Reducing Clostridia,




Other Microbiology Analysis Offered


We also offer microbiological analysis of the following sample types,

Surface Swabs,

Surface Contact Plates,

Settle Plates, 

Air Sample Filters,